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Maddie Maxson

Students Saving Lives

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Hello! My name is Maddie Maxson and I am currently Miami East FFA’s secretary! As an officer in this chapter we are required to complete a passion project. A passion project is basically a project that does something for the community for an organization you are passionate about! I have chosen in a heartbeat Be The Match! 

My project consists of 5 wooden cows moving from house to house in my school district. From this people have to give a donation to remove them! There are also certain levels to this: $20 just removes them, $30 removes them and sends them to a persons house of their choosing, $40 removes them and gives you “insurance” to promise they won’t come back, and $50 removes them, sends them to a persons house of their choosing, and gives you “insurance”. This is how I raise money for Be The Match!