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This summer I will be surgically donating bone marrow to a recipient who I have been matched with as an anonymous donor via the Be The Match Registry. The process to get to this point has been exciting, educational, and emotional: many blood draws, physical health exams, and check-ins / check-ups ensured that I am ready, and able, to donate. After receiving the initial news that I had matched (after more than 6 years on the registry!), I discussed with my closest loved ones how this experience would shape and impact my life, as well as the lives of others. We discussed how much goes into the process leading up to donation day, and how amazing the Be The Match operations and donor coordination teams have been and continue to be, and we came to the conclusion that in tandem with the commitment of surgical donation, we wanted to support this organization with a financial donation so that they may continue to provide life-saving opportunities through registry member and donor testing, donor support, and beyond 💚💙 

I am honored to have this opportunity to meaningfully impact the life of my match. I am excitedly anticipating the days and weeks to come, carrying a new-found appreciation and gratitude for my health. 

Please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your gift delivers cures to patients desperate for a second chance at life.

The money I raise will add new potential life-saving donors to the Be The Match Registry®, provide financial assistance to remove financial barriers to transplant for patients and fund groundbreaking research.