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NMDP Streamers Saving Lives

Join us on April 25, 2022

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CALLING ALL STREAMERS! Team up with NMDPSM and inspire your viewers to help you raise life-saving funds for stem cell and transplant patients.

Whether you knit, play games, or strum your guitar, YOU can help! Join our community of gamers and content creators—and save lives. 

As the global leader in cell therapy, NMDP provides patients with a second chance at life by connecting them with their genetically matched donors. But every year, thousands still haven’t found their match.

Every dollar you raise gives stem cell transplant patients hope for a second chance at life. Streamers help remove financial barriers so patients can focus on healing, add new potential donors to the NMDP RegistrySM and fund research to improve patient outcomes.

Together, we are saving lives!