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Ben and Alison Sanderfoot

Ben and his wife Alison, had a dollar dance at their wedding reception to raise funds for NMDP®.

“Everything went beyond what we expected for our dollar dance at our reception. In just 4 songs, we raised $523, with a grand total of $673 raised. We had set what I thought was a lofty goal of $500 and blew that away.” - Ben

Erin Fago

Erin challenged herself to raise $2.5K by her 25th birthday and she would then cut her hair the shortest it has ever been. 

“When a loved one is faced with needing a bone marrow transplant there are a million things out of your control. Be The Match provides extensive financial, emotional, and educational support when it’s needed the most. They have saved countless lives and have been a beacon of light for so many families during their darkest times.” - Erin

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Ethan Jones

Ethan formed a cycling team with his work colleagues to raise money for NMDP. 

“We figured we exercise all the time anyway so why not do it for a good cause? If my efforts make any impact at all, then it’s all worth it.” - Ethan 

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Lisa Coltrain

Lisa raised money for NMDP by posting videos of herself facing her biggest fear—eating fruit.

“I know just how many costs are associated with marrow donation and I want the funds I raise to help with this. I want donating to be easy and free for donors. I don’t want there to be any discouragement for people to save someone’s life.” - Lisa 

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