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Bob Falkenberg

Recipient and Founder, Team Lifeblood and Tour de TC
Tour Captain: California Wine Country Tour, Wisconsin Summer Fun Tour and Rocky Mountain National Park Tour

Bob Falkenberg started riding post-transplant to focus on wellness, he rides today to bring hope to patients undergoing transplants and to share one version of what survivorship can look like.

Over 12 years ago, Bob underwent a bone marrow transplant for Philadelphia Positive ALL. At 65, he’s recently retired and is able to devote himself full-time to volunteering. In 2021, he did 13 courier trips, delivering lifesaving bone marrow/stem cells from donors to patients. He is also a legislative ambassador, a fundraiser for Be The Match and volunteer chair of the By The Mile for Be The Match program.

Bob has been riding for Be The Match for a number of years – mostly solo and carrying his own gear. For some of the rides he was able to convince friends to join him and he’s learned how to be a seasoned ride leader. This year he will lead all five tours as we ride throughout the country raising funds and raising HOPE for patients and medical personnel serving those patients.

As a ride leader, Bob emphasizes safety and keeping the group together. “These tours are not races – I’ll ride at the back of the pack and we’ll take it slow and steady. We welcome first-timers and thriving patients and if you are interested – we’ll be happy to recommend the tour for you.”

When you sign up for one of our tours, you’ll hear from Bob or one of our other staff members as they reach out to let you know what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming tour.

Harry Crofton and Elle Crofton

Tour Captains: Escape to the Cape Tour and Bike to the Beach Tour

Elle Crofton

Elle Crofton is an 8-year transplant survivor. She was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and overcame cancer with a transplant from Be The Match and her amazing donor that was found on the registry! Elle is also a legislative ambassador, fundraiser and member of the NY Board of Advisors for Be the Match.  When she isn’t volunteering for Be The Match, Elle works as an elementary teacher in Philadelphia, runs in circles with her dog in agility courses and the two of them (dog and Elle) volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a therapy dog duo. 
After a fabulous tour last year, Elle is thrilled to co-lead two tours this year with her dad, Harry! She is excited to continue the journey that Bob has started and keep his emphasis on safety and fun for all of the rides! She cannot wait to ride for Be the Match this summer to raise awareness, hope and funds for the organization! 

Harry Crofton

An avid bike rider, last year I was invited to participate in my first Tour de TC fundraiser by my daughter Elle, an eight-year stem cell transplant survivor due, in no small part, to Be The Match. Looking for more ways to recognize the positive impact of Be The Match on my family, I agreed.  Riding from Buffalo to Philadelphia, about 1100 miles over 24 days - we won’t talk about the climbing, was such a positive experience on a number of levels that Elle and I have volunteered to lead two rides this year: Escape to the Cape Tour and Bike to the Beach Tour.
That Buffalo to Philly ride with Bob Falkenburg as leader exposed Elle and me to the key principles of any Be The Match ride: we ride safely, we ride as a group acknowledging the different riding abilities of the participants, and we support each other.
When not riding bikes I spend time as a hobbyist beekeeper, fly fishing casting instructor, Be The Match Volunteer Courier, and volunteer at a food pantry donation garden.  I am excited to add co-leading two of the Tour de TC rides to my experiences.
Lastly, both Elle and I are available to help you understand what a typical day on the rides might look like and what kind of gear makes the most sense.  We hope you will join us.

Scott MacGregor

Tour Captain: California Wine Country Tour and Explore Puget Sound and Victoria B.C. Tour

Scott’s daughter Taryn had a lifesaving bone marrow transplant when she was 8 years old.  Her hero marrow donor, Ben, who joined the Be The Match registry 18 months earlier, suddenly got a call saying, “we think you match a little girl.”  That little girl was Scott's little girl, and the cells Ben donated more than 8 years ago helped save her life. The cure Taryn found is the same successful outcome Scott wants for all searching patients and their families.  In addition to serving as an advocacy ambassador for Be The Match, Scott helps lead a small non-profit called “Officers Give Hope,” which does marrow registration drives with public safety agencies, in partnership with Be The Match, to help diversify the registry, and Scott is also a volunteer courier who has the honor of delivering bone marrow/stem cells to patients from donors all around the world.  Last year, Scott rode in the Tour de TC California to help bring hope to patients still searching and to remember patients who have gone before us. Scott is honored to help co-lead two tours this year.  Specifically, the California Wine Country Tour and Puget Sound and Victoria, BC tours.