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NMDPSM is a global leader in cell therapy, helping find cures and save lives for patients with blood cancers, blood disorders like sickle cell disease—and beyond.


Amelia, transplant recipient

"Being in an already overwhelming situation with Amelia's transplant, the grant took some of the stress off of our plates so that we could concentrate on her. It was greatly appreciated."

– Salome, Amelia's mother

We've impacted more than 130,000 lives through cell therapy to date and manage the world’s most diverse donor registry. 

NMDP fundraises to help provide patient assistance for transplant costs, further diversify the registry, and fund and conduct research to help patients live longer, healthier lives after treatment.

All funds raised go directly toward our life-saving mission. 

Your dedicated efforts will help grow our registry of potential donors, invest in innovative research and provide grants for patients facing financial barriers to treatment.

Because everyone deserves another chance—especially when a cure is within reach.

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2023 Report to the Community