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NMDP® depends on fundraising to facilitate life-saving marrow transplants. Every dollar you raise helps grow the registry, provide financial relief to patients and their families, and fund research to make transplant safer and more available to all patients.

Your fundraising dollars help patients in need 

The monthly uninsured costs of a marrow transplant add up quickly for patients and families. NMDP provides financial assistance to help—but
we can’t do it without you. 

  • $5 covers the cost of a cup of coffee for a patient to fuel them for another clinic visit. 
  • $10 covers the cost of hospital parking for a patient receiving treatment.
  • $15 covers the cost of meal delivery for a patient in the hospital.  
  • $20 covers the cost to send one "Box of Hope" care package to a patient.
  • $25 covers one clinic visit co-pay. Marrow transplant patients must visit the transplant clinic daily or weekly during their three to six months of outpatient recovery. Co-pays can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars each month.
  • $200 covers one month of transportation costs for a patient traveling to and from the transplant clinic. 
  • $400 covers a patient’s prescription co-pays for one month. Many patients take up to 20 medications simultaneously each month.
  • $500 secures one week of temporary housing during transplant recovery. If patients live more than an hour away from the transplant
    center, they are required to relocate and live nearby for the three to six months of recovery. Many families spend up to $2,000 a
    month on temporary housing, often while also paying housing expenses back home. 
  • $2,000 secures a Transplant Recovery Grant: Patients must be accompanied by a full-time caregiver for the first 100 days post-transplant. Up to two incomes may be lost. Grants help with uninsured expenses.
  • $10,000 secures an Ira & Diana Riklis Crisis Grant: Awarded to patients with extraordinary financial needs, this $10,000 grant allows
    patients to cover any financial barriers, so they can focus on their healing and recovery.
  • $20,000 secures a Search Assistance Fund to give physicians immediate access to a marrow donor search for a patient in need,
    regardless of the patient’s insurance limitations or delays.

Your dollars can help add more potential marrow donors to the NMDP®

Seventy percent of patients do not have a fully matched donor in their family. They depend on NMDP to help them find a volunteer marrow
donor. Help us grow the NMDP Registry to provide a second chance at life to those patients in need.

  • $50 covers the cost of one swab kit and donor typing to ensure the best possible donor match for a patient.
  • $150 covers the cost to add one potential marrow donor to the NMDP Registry®, giving more searching patients hope for a cure. 
  • $5,000 covers the cost to add one cord blood unit to the NMDP Registry®, which could be used by patients who don’t have a suitably matched donor.

You can help remove financial barriers for volunteer marrow donors

The NMDP Registry® is made up of millions of people who might be called one day to donate marrow to a patient in need. Your dollars can help 
remove financial barriers for those volunteer marrow donors, so they can more easily say yes when they get the call.

  • $200 covers one day of lost wages for a marrow donor, allowing them to volunteer their time to save a stranger’s life.
  • $1,000 covers the total lost wages for a marrow donor, allowing them to volunteer their time to save a stranger’s life.

Your dollars help advance transplant research

Your investment can support transplant research, improving outcomes for patients. 

  • $25 covers the cost of laboratory supplies to process research samples for studies.
  • $50 supports ultra-high-resolution HLA typing of a single donor or recipient research sample for use in studies to improve our understanding of matching for a successful transplant.
  • $300 provides tools and support for a research scientist to pursue new discoveries to prevent and treat post-transplant complications.
  • $6,500 provides approximately one month of funding for an annually selected physician-scientist in the NMDP Amy Strelzer Manasevit Research Scholars Program.
    With this funding, these researchers can advance transplant science, improving survival rates and quality of life for patients.

Every dollar counts. Together, we are saving lives!